A LUX* Resort is a place where each moment matters.

It's where the ordinary done extraordinarily.
It's a rest from which you return, both invigorated and inspired.
There are many reasons to go LUX* but remember...
Some dreams really do come true.

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Tread Lightly

We can't always promise clear skies above the Indian Ocean but, with your help, we can guarantee a clear conscience.

LUX* cares about the islands that are home to its properties. After all, memorable holidays shouldn't cost the earth and that's why we are doing our best to 'Tread Lightly'.
It's one of a number of measures we're putting in place to help us leave a lighter footprint.
The islands of Mauritius, La Réunion and the Maldives are spectacular. Together, we can do our bit to make sure they stay that way.


Mamma Aroma

For as long as any of us can remember, amenities have been a staple in every hotel and resort bathroom around the world.

Imagine hair lovingly nourished by deep conditioners; lazy baths scented with tropical oils; bodies gently burnished with a patina of sea salt scrub and sun-kissed skin glowing with the natural moisturizing properties of the island's products.
LUX* Island Resorts offers you, for your bath experience, something different: an element of surprise, a gasp of pleasure and a nod to simplicity are behind our selection. And being considerate to the environment, our products and their packaging are as light on the planet as they are on the body.
We have also worked with renowned aromatherapist Shirley Page to create an exclusive range of essential oils, using island ingredients-essences, flowers and spices that combine to create a magical world of fragrance. Used in our LUX* Me spa, the oils are also present in interior and linen scents.


CafE LUXasteriks

On every high street, we've grown accustomed to great beans, interesting blends, vibey baristas and a comfy space in which to relax and enjoy coffee at its best. So, why is a good coffee so difficult to find in a hotel?

Cafe LUX*We think good coffee is a must, so at the heart of each of our resorts, you'll find our Café LUX*, a true café experience designed for seaside sitting, sipping and surfing. If you love coffee, you'll be delighted by our Island Blend. On the side, enjoy delicious pastries, complimentary WI-FI and a selection of magazines from around the world. We actually roast organic green beans here on the island and we're schooling our staff in the ways of the barista. It takes time and dedication to make fine coffee but you know something? It's worth it.



iciIt sounds crazy but finding fresh, tasty ice cream in an island resort is often as difficult as locating the proverbial 'needle in a haystack'. Until now.

We think that a beach holiday without ice cream isn't a beach holiday at all and so we've created our very own ice cream brand, 'ici'. Seek out the retro-styled parlours and mobile carts and order a generous serving of low fat ice cream bursting with interesting combinations of island grown ingredients. The kids will remember these flavoursome indulgences for years to come. 'ici' is served in biodegradable punnets with wooden scoops or why not try our tasty handmade waffle cones, which will be baked, formed and hardened as you wait? Crunch. Munch. Perfect after lunch.

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Island Kitchen

Visitors to the Indian Ocean are always interested to learn more about the local cultures and customs, including the flavours of the island as they can be discovered in traditional food and drinks.
On each island, there is an exciting array of street foods to be found. Island Kitchen is our way of bringing these exciting taste sensations into our resorts in a controlled and clean way. Our chefs have visited local markets, food stalls and researched indigenous cuisines and cooking methods to produce attractive and authentic dishes that the locals enjoy on daily basis. Served by knowledgeable local staff, they make for a vibrant and colourful pop-up dining experience.


'Earth' and 'Dance' waters

'Earth' and 'Dance' watersWhy import water when our islands are literally surrounded by it?

It's a no-brainer. Drawn from volcanic rocks beneath the earth, or the ocean itself, our refreshing waters are either sourced or purified and bottled right here on the islands. Whilst keeping our Chief Hydro Officers gainfully employed, our island water factories also eliminate hundreds of thousands of unnecessary ‘water miles'. What's more, if we continued to use plastic containers for our water, each resort would dispose of 170,000 bottles every year! As our passion for preserving the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean knows no bounds, we're using glass bottles instead. What a refreshing change!

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A collection of outstanding South African wines, handpicked for your drinking pleasure by our Chief Slurper, Kent Scheermeyer.

Say farewell to corks and old world wines and say hi to Scrucap - a collection of exclusive South African wines individually selected for LUX*. Visiting wineries located in some of the southern hemisphere's oldest and most fertile wine growing regions, Kent tasted hundreds of wines from wineries large and small. It sounds a tough job we know but someone had to do it! Fortunately, Kent kept his wits about him and as soon as he tasted anything extraordinary, he persuaded the winery to put aside a few barrels just for LUX*.

Our bars and restaurants feature extensive international wine lists but if you're seeking the perfect marriage of quality and value we'd suggest that you raise a glass to Scrucap. And if you're wondering why we chose this name, just take a look at the bottles. They're all topped off with a screw cap, all but one that is. If you're celebrating a special occasion or feeling a little more indulgent than usual, try Popcap, our deliciously dry and crisp Cap Classique. Perfect when chilled, simply pop, pour, propose a toast and savour the bubbles.


The Secret Bar

A wardrobe on wheels appears in a clearing. Then it's gone, only to reappear two days later at the far end of the beach.

If you are lucky enough to find a lost wardrobe, open the doors and take a peek inside. It might not be there tomorrow. If you spy a bottle with a message in it, seemingly hidden behind a bush, pick it up – there's bound to be a rewarding message inside. Thirsty? Wander through the gardens or along the beach and who knows – you might find a refreshing surprise. There's always something new to discover at LUX*, so here's our advice: don't be afraid to explore and always satisfy your curiosity.
Each moment matters. Make yours count.

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Jardin d'Herbes

We invite you to step gently into the fragrant and enchanting world of our herb gardens where you'll encounter a scene of sensorial repose.

Perfumed, sheltered idylls, some of our jardins d'herbes offer a change of scenery for guests looking to dine al fresco but out of the sun and away from the social purr of our restaurants. These charming oases also supply our kitchens with fresh ingredients - grown on-site to keep food miles to a minimum as part of our desire to protect the island environment. Get to know the herbs, take in their scents on a hot afternoon, and recognize the mint in your mojito for what it is: truly fresh from the garden.

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Screen on the Beach

Saunter across the sand after dinner and you may well stumble across our impromptu, al fresco cinema.

Sofas, beanbags, rugs and blankets all form part of this cosy scene. Take your pick and sink into your seat in front of a large screen erected between two palm trees or stretched across a wood frame. The projector flickers, the screen comes to life and you're transported – from art house films and world cinema to blockbusters and kids' classics. The sound echoes romantically around the setting – celluloid voices punctuating the evening silence, the soundtrack mixing rhythmically with the music of the lagoon waves.
Cinema Paradiso?
We think so.


The Sound of Music

The Sound Of MusicThere's nothing quite like the classics.

And we're not talking about Julie Andrews here, although she could yodel the goats off a Swiss mountain. No, we refer to Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven and Rachmaninov et al. Exquisite? Yes. In the Indian Ocean? Maybe not. LUX* has cut the sombre classics, lazy jazz, pan pipe medleys and predictable bands. Our resorts have been conceived as multi-sensory places for which our tone-perfect sound architects, Ben Bridgewater and Dan Lywood, have curated a varied and sensitive music collection. Whether you're dining by the sea, enjoying a massage or chilling by the pool, we'll make sure that your aural receptors will be washed in top tunes and not drowned in Baccarat or Bach.


Message in a Bottle

After a relaxing day spent on the beach, how surprising to stumble accross a random, lonely bottle carefully placed on the side of the winding path leading back to your room.

Message in a bottlePicking up this misterious vessel, you remove the stopper and coax out an intriguing scroll of paper that's been rolled up inside. You soon realise that this is, in fact, a surprise treat waiting to be discovered by an unsuspecting, lucky guest.
Some days the scroll may reveal a complimentary spa treatment coupon for a pedicure, facial or massage on the house.
Other days, the Message in a Bottle may contain written clues directing you towards the Secret Bar, or offering the opportunity to enjoy a special dining experience for two on the beach. LUX* is spontaneous. It's fun and lighthearted. And much like the Secret Bar, only those who find the Message in a Bottle can claim this treat.


Dejeuner sur la mer

We wish to offer you a light-hearted dining experience, one that reflects a progressive, fresh approach to resort cuisine.

Welcome to the pop-up placemat. Presented in the most unexpected of places, you will be invited to dine al fresco in and around the grounds and even beyond their extent.
Imagine a path of paper-wrapped candles that lead you into the gardens. At the end of the path, you happen accross a casual set-up: six to eight tables romantically lit by candles. Tree-hung lanterns bob gently in the light evening breeze as the palm fronds whisper anticipating your arrival.
Or you're invited to walk across a pontoon, to an “aperitif” that will be served aboard your own private floating restaurant, moored there for just one night.
Lightly sauteed squid is followed by the catch of the day that couldn't be served closer to home. By the time dawn breaks, all trace of your presence has gone-all the fun and romance of a spontaneous evening, now a safe memory from your LUX* holiday.

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LUXasteriks Island Light Collection

Resort boutiques are often more airport kiosk than island couture. All change!
The Island Light Collection is a tempting chest of locally-sourced treasures.

    Made from beans roasted right here on the island, 'Island Blend' is a delicious coffee mixed exclusively for LUX* by Deluxe Coffeeworks, a boutique roaster based in Cape Town. Why not wake up and smell the coffee every day?
    These beautiful Frescobol beach bats from the FB Collection have been handcrafted in Brazilian workshops using the finest wood reclaimed from marceneiro workshops. Two rubber balls and a beach case complete each set.
    An uplifting, single estate rum infused with hand-pollinated bourbon vanilla. Made at the oldest operating distillery on Mauritius, Pink Pigeon takes its name from the rare birds that grace the island's skies.
    At LUX*, each moment matters and to celebrate this belief, each guest is presented with a journal in which to record precious moments and idle thoughts during their stay. This larger version should keep you going until next year.
    Soothe yourself with this range of organic face and body oils mixed for us by aromatherapist Shirley Page. Essences of flowers, fruits and spices from Mauritius, La Réunion and the Maldives combine to create delicate island blends.
    Say good morning and goodnight to the ultimate mattress. Designed by our very own sleep guru Johan van Vuuren, we think Sleep Tight offers the best night's sleep anywhere on earth. Could this be the best holiday souvenir ever?
    The LUX* yoga collection features a selection of lightweight pants and racerback tops made from super fine Lycra jersey. Designed for fit and comfort, the collection will help you to feel light and look good. Om.
    If you enjoyed our collection of South African wines, handpicked by Chief Slurper Kent Scheermeyer, why not enjoy them at home too? Take a box set with you or place a larger order and we'll ship it direct.
    Lightweight and casual, our selection of natural 100% cotton and linen shirts is a must for any discerning man's holiday wardrobe. Featuring the classic white and a range of tropical island colours, these tailored shirts are great for travelling too.


Covering an amazing 20% of the Earth's surface, the Indian Ocean is home to some of the world's most breathtaking tropical islands – a beautiful setting that's animated by rich and exotic human cultures.

Mauritius and La Réunion sit off the southeast coast of the African continent while the 1,192 islands that form the Maldives lie approximately 250 miles southwest of India.

LUX* Island Resorts observes the diversity of island life in all its forms and delights in the unique character and history of each island as well as their wealth of flora, fauna, flavours, colours, sights and sounds.


Magazine Library

We've all tried to pretend to be embarassed that, instead on pouring over the latest Nobel prize winning novel, we're flipping through a colorful magazine while on holiday.

No need for that when you're with us. LUX* understands that a light read that tickles your fancy is a must on holiday and so we've looked into trends and selected a large stock of entertaining reads in a variety of languages to do just that. We can't promise Brassmaster or Nuts and Volts, but we think you'll be happy and more than occupied with what we've chosen!
The LUX* magazine library is a relaxed area where guests can browse the latest publications from around the world. It's located close to Café LUX*, so that you can make use of comfortable seating, good coffee and music.

Or feel free to wander down to the pool or beach with your copy, but please remember to pop it back on the shelf after you've caught up on world affairs, those of your favourite celebs or the head of the International Monetary Fund!

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LUXasteriks ME Fit

Would you like to leave behind that feeling of exhaustion and heaviness once and for all? We all know that it can break from the norm to allow yourself to step back and focus on your own fitness and wellbeing. And where better than on a pristine beach at the water's edge? At LUX*, we'll help you take the first steps towards a healthier you with special fitness programmes designed by ex-pro sportsman Stephen Price. Stephen and Jeff Butterworth, our Chief Wellness Officer, have combined traditional fitness elements with yoga, pilates, massage, nutrition and relaxation to create packages that are geared to specific results. With names like Power Blast, Turbo Booster and Lean and Clean, our high intensity, results-driven programmes are based on sports science research. They're designed to help you gain the best physical results in the shortest period of time. Sound a little taxing? As they say, no pain no gain, but we also promise it will be fun.

Back You'll never watch alone

You'll never watch alone

If you are a sports fanatic and can't bear the thought of missing a major sporting event, welcome to Final Whistle –an impromptu area that we'll set up whenever there's a big match on. Embracing the notion of sport as a social ritual, all fans can gather to catch up on the latest action accompanied by ice-cold beers, fruit juices and deliciously indulgent snacks such as burgers, chips and lamb shawarma wraps. Some evening fixtures may be projected on our Screen on the Beach, while daytime games will be shown in the Bar, but whatever sport you're into –from football, rugby, cricket and tennis to the Olympics (Summer and Winter) or Formula One racing, you can enjoy all the action with a generous side order of atmosphere thrown in.


Starry, Starry Night

The Southern Cross, the Milky Way, distant and infinitesimal galaxies.

Enjoying negligible light pollution, the night skies of the Indian Ocean can be quite simply spellbinding. LUX* is all about light so how appropriate we thought it would be to introduce mobile observatories to enable you to take a closer look at the incandescence of the heavens above. Knowledgeable and amusing guides will inform and inspire you with facts about the constellations and fascinating tales and legends from island folklore. Whether you're in Mauritius, La Réunion or the Maldives, a starry night in the Indian Ocean is truly special. Once seen, never forgotten.

Starry Starry Night Starry Starry Night



Phone Home

Hotels used to profit from overpriced international phone calls before mobile phones tipped the balance back in favour of the guest. Now it's the mobile phone networks who are cashing in as they charge an arm and a leg for roaming. We believe that holidays should be stress free, which is why if you explore our grounds you'll find an old telephone box that houses a VOIP phone, which will let you make local and international calls free of charge. We just ask one thing. Please do not call the office!

Phone Home Phone Home


Cake BossThere's nothing more inviting and celebratory than a cake gleaming with decadent icing, especially if you've made it with your own two hands!

For special occasions and everyday children's treats, pop into one of our unique cake decorating bars. Choose from a variety of pre-baked cakes and cupcakes and, with a helping hand from one of our passionate pastry chefs, let your creative spirit run free. With delicious butter and ganache icings, chocolate buttons, hundreds and thousands, sugar flowers, real blooms and lots more, this is perfect for kids (both large and small) who like to create their own yummy treats.


Teddy Tennis

When you take your children on holiday you want them to have an exciting, fun-packed time. Rest assured. From treasure hunts and sand castle competitions to water sports and outdoor games, LUX* PLAY offers a variety of activities to keep the kids entertained while meeting new friends. One of our favourite activities is Teddy Tennis, which encourages children of eight and under to appreciate the importance of exercise and staying fit by teaching them how to play tennis.Music helps the budding champions to grasp the concepts of rhythm and timing, while images of teddy bears in motion show them how to play. Different bears like different things. Molly Bear loves to volley. Boris Bear loves to bounce the ball. Playful and engaging, Teddy Tennis keeps the kids active whilst capturing their young imaginations.

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Teddy Tennis Teddy Tennis Teddy Tennis